Mobile Application Development Process: Concept to Launch in detail

With the day-by-day growth of advanced technology, grown mobile applications too. From the invention of the first-ever mobile application ‘Snake game’ to the development of imaginative applications, we have come so far. Our daily life needs are at our fingertips now. Building future-proof mobile applications is mandatory for businesses to serve their product or service to their targeted customers with ease. Here is our comprehensive guide to the Mobile Application development process, from concept generation to launch and beyond, explaining every step in detail.

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Requirement Analysis and Planning

  • Every project starts differently and our approach can also differ but the whole picture remains pretty much the same. We undergo the following process in this phase:
Identify Objectives

Identify Objectives

It is imperative to visualize the concept and objectives of a client through their own eyes. During this step, we try our best to understand the application in an environment facilitating open communication. This is done by understanding clients' ideas, visions, expectations, and market dynamics.

Research Competitors

Research Competitors

It is also important to know the dynamics of the market and target audience before developing our application. We use our expertise and the latest technologies to analyze the behavior of our competitors and target audience. That gives us the competitive advantage to make informed decisions.

Select platforms

Select Platforms

With the availability of the required information and far more clarity of the nature of the application, we choose technologies that we use to develop in the presence of our experts. It is also a vital step as it affects the overall performance of our application.

Signing NDA

Signing NDA

Strangely, most of the agencies ignore this step but we prioritize it. This process of signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement helps both of us to maintain a healthy relationship by avoiding misinterpretation and miscommunication.

Design and Prototyping

Do you think the initial impression is important? This is also applied in application development. Whether it is a high-quality project or a minimum viable product, design plays an important role in user experience.

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Wireframing and Conceptualization

This is the initial yet most important step as it decides the overall looks and functionality of the application. This step involves the creation of a low-quality application sample to conceptualize and improve the overall design of the application.

UX Design

UX design affects the usability of users and their engagement with the application directly. This is where our creative designers come into play with their years of expertise and experience in creating an easily navigable user experience.

UI Design

The next step is to enhance the visual aspect of our UX design. This step involves creating responsive interfaces and making them stunning by incorporating colors, typography, and graphics elements that balance aesthetics with functionality.

Prototyping and Iterative Design

Surprisingly, this is another step most designers ignore but we say it’s a must. This step enables us to experience our product’s review and feedback. With this, we can validate and improve our design before it’s too big and complicated.


Some say it is the most intensive phase and others say this is the core of the application development process. Well, they are not wrong. This step is where you implement all your previous work done in the app process, and react to our application for the very first time.

Quality Analysis and Testing

However, we prioritize iterative quality testing throughout development; post-development analysis is non-negotiable. This is especially to cover every possible scenario and edge case, leaving no potential issue undiscovered. Moreover, real-life reviews and feedback can discover serious usability problems and performance bottlenecks that might harm user experience directly. Additionally, we conduct thorough testing and analysis of our application to rectify potential risks to ensure software performance, reliability, scalability, and security. Our expert data analysts excel in the following testing:
Unit Testing
Manual Testing
Automation Testing
Performance Testing
Functional Testing
Security Testing
Compatibility Testing
Usability Testing
Integration Testing

Deployment and Launch

We cherish this phase as we mark the transition from the application concept to making it available to the users. We begin by facilitating our clients with pre-deployment preparation where we test our application with stakeholders and potential users for last-minute feedback generation. This is a crucial step as our application will get exposed to the users. This phase starts with the deployment preparation. Once the application is thoroughly tested and finalized, we package our application preparing it to deploy in the designated platform. This involves preparing required documentation, configuring deployment settings, and ensuring compliance with platform-specific guidelines and requirements. Once all this is set, the application is deployed in Play Store or App Store where it will be accessible to the users. Another step is to focus on marketing strategies such as press releases, social media promotion, and campaigns to ensure our reach to the target audience.

Post-launch Support & Maintenance

In this phase, we focus on keeping our application up-to-date with the most effective trends and technologies. This is to ensure the application is not only developed but also performing well in the competitive digital market. In this phase, we provide ongoing support to address bugs and issues reported by users and improve and enhance the features and functionalities of the application. Moreover, we conduct regular maintenance by updating dependencies and libraries and installing security patches to secure our application from potential risks and cyberattacks.


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